CNN correspondent describes feeling 'earthquake' in office as massive explosion rocks Beirut

A CNN Lebanon correspondent was working in his Beirut office when the city was rocked by a devastating explosion.

At least 70 people are dead and thousands injured by the blast at the city's port. 

Ben Wedeman reported in from his studio, where the force of the explosion had blown out window frames and left the office shattered.

"I was in this bureau here minutes after 6pm local time when I felt what I thought was an earthquake, and just moments later the blast hit," Mr Wedeman said.

"I heard our windows shattering and hundreds of windows in this area.

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Massive explosion rocks Lebanese capital of Beirut, multiple fatalities

"Hospitals in the city are overwhelmed with the injured, they are treating them in the parking lot, as well as other places.

"There are ambulances still rushing around the city - the Lebanese Red Cross has called on all of their ambulances across the entire country to come to Beirut immediately.

"There is destruction throughout the entire city - I've spoken with people who have lived through the civil war - the 2006 war between Lebanon and Israel - and all of them said they have never experienced a blast so large, so destructive as what happened in Beirut this evening."