'C'mon you know what to do' - Sydney father jailed for encouraging four-year-old daughter to play with his gun

A Sydney father has been jailed after shocking cellphone footage showed his four-year-old daughter playing with a pistol.

The video shows the man encouraging the young girl to shoot the unloaded weapon, before the 33-year-old takes the .45 calibre pistol and pretends to shoot her while his daughter plays dead.

“C’mon, you know what to do,” he says to the four-year-old.

This disturbing game is repeated a number of times.

The Sydney man has been sentenced to two years and eight months behind bars for the videos and a number of photos where he poses with a range of illegal guns.

They were uncovered by police after the father was pulled over for a random breath test in July.

He was driving disqualified and had a fake ID. He was arrested and his phone and car was searched.

His lawyer Ahmed Dib told 9news, “As a result he’s now spent, will spend a year and nine months away from his daughter. He accepts that that was the wrong approach as a father and he shoulnd’t be teaching her those types of things.”

“He demonstrated to the courts how sincere in terms of his apology was, his remorse, and he realises how silly the mistake was he made,” Mr Dib said.

He is eligible for parole in March.