'Climate change is a monster' - small Fijian community being swallowed by rising seas

Rising seas are forcing dozens of coastal communities in Fiji to move inland.

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The Prime Minister made the announcement on a state visit to the Pacific island nation. Source: 1 NEWS

1 NEWS Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver visited the settlement of Togoru, which has lost half its land.

“Well as they say climate change is a monster we cannot fight against,” said Togoru community advisor Barney Dunn.

He has been forced to watch his family land and ancestral graveyard being swallowed by the sea.

“You see your ancestors swimming in the sea if you live here you will know how it feels.”

Ten-years-ago surveyors discovered the tiny community of Togoru is losing up 1.5 metres of land a year and what was once 10 acres is now only five.

There are eight homes left in the settlement, but the two at the front are now abandoned as they regularly get a battering.

Five villages in Fiji suffering the same fate have already been relocated.

It's why New Zealand’s putting $2 million into the Fiji Government's climate relocation trust.

New Zealand to give $2 million to Fiji climate change relocation fund

Some communities like Togoru don't want to move, but they have no choice.

“We have to survive, we cannot live here and let the water come up under our home and wash us away,” Mr Dunn says.

The people of Togoru are now preparing to walk away from the land they love.