Clearest-ever moving footage of Queen Victoria discovered in New York museum archive

What's believed to be the clearest moving footage of Britain's Queen Victoria has been discovered in the film archive at a museum in New York.

The importance of the piece of film went unrealised until a curator from the British film institute saw it earlier this year.

The Queen was filmed on her last trip to Ireland in 1900.  It is believed to be the last time she was filmed before her death less than a year later.

The footage had been stored for decades in New York's Museum of Modern Art.  It was only when Bryony Dixon, a curator with the British film institute, was shown it that the historical significance was realised.

"I nearly fell off my chair because I'd never seen Victoria in close-up before.

"It is completely unique because you can see the Queen's face for the first time properly since 1900, since this was shown.. can see her expressions, you can see her in movement, rather than just as a stiff portrait or a still photograph," Ms Dixon says.