Chinese donation of $560k gratefully received in quake-hit Papua New Guinea

A Chinese donation has been made to Papua New Guinea after a 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit the country on February 26. 

The donation from a number of Chinese businesses and Chinese community in PNG included 2.6 million yuan ($NZ560,000) and relief supplies. 

PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill received the Chinese donation at a ceremony held in his office in the capital Port Moresby, two weeks after the powerful quake struck the rugged highlands of the island nation, leaving dozens dead and more than 17,000 people homeless. 

The 7.5 magnitude quake killed dozens of people and caused widespread damage. Source: Breakfast

"We mobilised for the donation shortly after the quake, and within three days we raised 2.6 million yuan plus relief supplies. We then handed them over to the disaster management committee," said Lin Hua'an, chairman of China-Papua New Guinea Friendship Association on Sunday. 

PNG National Earthquake Emergency Controller Bill Hamblin expressed his appreciation for the support extended by the Chinese community. 

"[We are] extremely grateful to the government of China and to this Chinese business community in PNG for the real support that they have given us, and not just letters of condolences," he said in an interview on the same day. 

Justin Tkatchenko, minister for the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, which PNG will be hosting in November, said the PNG government appreciates Chinese President Xi Jinping's message of condolences over the deadly quake. He also said PNG values China as a friend in need and looks forward to President Xi's visit. 

"A major achievement and milestone will be part of our history in that regard. So for me as minister for APEC, China's role and input is very appreciative. We also find it something a country we can rely on in good times and bad," he said. 

The 7.5 magnitude quake rocked the country’s remote highlands on Monday. Source: Breakfast

Cathay Pacific faces up to jumbo sized typo

Cathay Pacific are not shying away from a huge mistake – a typo to be exact.

The airline had a Boeing 777-367 on the ground at Hong Kong airport emblazoned with “Cathay Paciic” after leaving the f out of its name.

The airline referenced the error on its Twitter account.

The Boeing 777 was snapped in Hong Kong this week with the major error for all to see. Source: Breakfast

Aussie grandfather cheats death after giant metal rod smashes through windscreen

An Australian grandfather cheated death when a giant metal rod fell from a construction truck and plunged into his windscreen.

Joe Sant was driving when a truck, which was travelling in the opposite direction in Sydney’s Peakhurst, lost its load.

The rod smashed his windscreen, but thankfully narrowly missed him.

‘I just go a bit of glass in my eye, that’s all,” he told Nine News.

He went to hospital as a precaution.

Sydney’s Joe Sant was surprised when the metal rod fell froma construction truck and flew through his windscreen. Source: Breakfast



Inquiry to look at how NSW police investigated dozens of gay hate killings

The way NSW Police investigated gay hate crimes, which drove men over cliffs to their deaths or saw them brutally bashed in their homes or city parks, will be examined by a state parliamentary inquiry.

The inquiry to be conducted by the NSW Social Issues Committee, will investigate how NSW Police handled gay hate crimes and why the state's justice system may not have protected LGBTQI people or delayed justice for them and their families.

The committee will investigate the almost 90 gay murders between 1970 and 2010 and also call for public submissions from victims and their families.

A police investigation of 88 suspicious deaths of gay men between 1976 to 2000 found 27 of them were likely murdered simply for being gay.

Committee chair Shayne Mallard said the inquiry would look at gay hate crimes perpetrated against the LGBTIQ community and review current policies to identify shortcomings.

Australia police Source: 1 NEWS

Mother of Spanish golfer slain in US talks about her daughter's special shine

The parents of slain top amateur Spanish golfer Celia Barquin Arozamena spoke about their daughter on Wednesday, saying she had a "special shine."

Her mother Miriam Arozamena spoke near their family home in the northern Spanish village of Puente San Miguel.

Looking distraught, the mother told reporters that she used to speak with her daughter every day and that she was an intelligent, studious and organised person.

The golfer was finishing her degree at Iowa State University when she was killed.

Collin Daniel Richards, a former inmate from small-town Iowa with a history of violence, was charged with stabbing Barquin Arozamena to death during a random attack while she was golfing by herself in broad daylight on Monday morning.

Celia Barquin Arozamena was playing a round in central Iowa when she was allegedly attacked by Collin Daniel Richards. Source: Associated Press