China releases footage of coronavirus patients exercising and dancing at temporary hospital in Wuhan

Patients infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) at a temporary hospital in central China's Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, are showing good spirit as they battle the virus together with the medical staff.

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Medical workers in hazmat suits are leading proceedings in the video. Source: Associated Press

In face of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Wuhan authorities have transformed public venues such as exhibition centres and gymnasiums into temporary hospitals.

The hospitals have a large capacity of treating patients with mild symptoms and play an important role in isolating the source of infection and cutting off the routes of infection during epidemic prevention.

At a temporary hospital dubbed the "Wuhan Living Room", patients and medical staff are building a positive mood in the wards.

They chat like a family, motivate each other to get off of bed and exercise like training buddies, and they also talk about their cravings of food and what local delicacies they want to eat after the outbreak.

"We are letting them feel the love from us medical workers. These temporary hospitals are built for virus quarantine, not love quarantine," said a medical staff member.

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"My spouse says today I am the soldier. I fight the battle against illness, against virus, and I'm not the only one. Medial workers across the country are fighting. I'm proud to be here.

"We ask people here to trust us and they can come to us if they have any problems, medical or not, and we'll help them solve it," said another.

Being quarantined in the hospital also give some patients time to explore their creative side. One patient wrote a poem dedicated to the medical workers with his cellphone and is not shy about showing off his work.

"In your white scrubs, your face I cannot see; your silhouette shows a kind soul to me. In a patient's eyes, you are the unmatched beauty; you've shown that selfless love is what youth should be. Your devotion and care, to us, the prettiest sight. Your face may remain a mystery as time goes by;  but I'll remember always, these lovely eyes," the poem reads.

Wuhan has currently activated nine temporary hospitals like "Wuhan Living Room", admitting a total of 5,620 mild-symptom patients.