Cheeky English bloke sees bright side of nation's Xmas lockdown — 'I was meant to go to the mother-in-law's'

An English man is looking at the bright side of his country's Christmas lockdown, telling a nationwide audience he was pleased as he won't be off to his mother-in-law's on the big day.

Thurrock man Simon Parker was asked about the lockdown measures by the BBC.

"It’s a bit of a touch really because I was meant to go to the mother-in-laws. But I ain’t got to go now so it’s a right touch. See you later."

Right touch is London slang for good fortune.

Thankfully his comments haven't caused too much commotion, with his girlfriend Becky Sanders telling Mail Online, "My mum is absolutely fine, she found it funny, she knows exactly what he is like." 

Much of London and England's southeast were put into a new, tougher, tier four set of restrictions by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, measures which include a ban on bubbles mixing.

It was a significant u-turn on the heels of a new strain of the coronavirus emerging, with people originally allowed to meet with up to three households.