Celeste Barber has fundraised over $50 million dollars in one week for bushfire relief

Australian comedian and social media star Celeste Barber has helped raise over $50 million for bushfire relief in Australia in just one week.

Barber surpassed the $40 million-dollar mark on Tuesday which is when she created the new target of $50 million.

Celeste Barber's fundraising page has raised over $50 million Source: Facebook/Celeste Barber

The fundraising page which can be found on Facebook was launched exactly one week ago.

In the launch post on her social media accounts the star shared images of her mother in law’s house in NSW surrounded by orange-hued fiery skies.

“This is my mother in laws house. It’s terrifying. They are scared. They need your help,” the star’s Instagram post read.

Initially raising money for The Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund, Barber has since said it would be shared around to other states also fighting bushfires outside of NSW, and other charities.

The Aussie comedian, who now has over six million Instagram followers, is best known for her hashtag #celestechallengeaccepted, which she uses to caption photos of herself recreating famous photos and poses by celebrities.