Car smashes through second-storey car park wall and crashes to ground below



Associated Press

A car drove through the second floor wall of parking garage, falling to the ground with two people inside, all of which was recorded on surveillance video. 

The occupants of the car sustained just minor injuries and were pulled from the wreckage by witnesses.
Source: Associated Press

The footage shows a white car speeding up while heading to the exit of the garage, and proceeds to drive through the second floor wall and fall to the ground below, landing upside down. A woman crawls slowly out of the car and lay on the ground, and minutes later security personnel and kind-hearted residents helped pull the driver out from the passenger door. 

The two people were luckily only slightly injured and have almost fully recovered. 

According to the surveillance video footage inside the garage, the car didn't decelerate before turning. And the driver, Zhang, admitted that the accident was due to his own carelessness.

Zhang said that after he drove the car out of the parking spot, he bent over in order to pick up a dropped USB cable, which led to his misoperation and stepping on the accelerator, which caused the car to rush forward and break through the wall of garage. He expressed extreme regret about his carelessness.

The broken wall has since been repaired. 

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