'Can't breathe, help me' – callous US nurses laugh, fail to perform CPR, as WWII vet dies in front of them

Two nurses in the US have lost their practicing licences after a shocking incident where an 89-year-old war veteran struggling to breathe died in their care.

Surveillance footage from the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Centre in 2014 was released last week after pressure from local news network WXIA-TV.

The shocking video shows WWll war veteran James Dempsey calling for help in his bed as he struggles to breathe after his breathing machine failed.

"Can't breathe, help me, help me," the 89-year-old can be heard saying.

Despite pressing his aid buzzer, no one came to help for a full seven minutes. The surveillance video showing that when a nurse did finally appear she only adjusted his bed before leaving the stricken man.

Two nurses then returned at 6:23am, more than 90 minutes after Mr Dempsey first called for help.

They can be heard laughing in the video, moving with little speed to try and revive the veteran, who was pronounced dead an hour later once paramedics were called.

In an interview with police one of the unnamed care workers involved in the case stated she had given CPR to Mr Dempsey immediately until paramedics arrived.

The video disproved this statement, leading to her and one other nurse having their licence revoked.

The family of Mr Dempsey came to an undisclosed settlement with the nursing home over the incident.