Cancer patients donated nipple reconstructions feature at world's largest tattoo convention in Rio

Tattoo artists from Brazil and around the world gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 7th Tattoo Week.

The two-day event started yesterday is the largest tattoo and body piercing convention in the world.

Across 254 stands, tattoo enthusiasts were able to select from thousands of designs and also enjoy activities like poetry battles between funk singers and DJ performances.

This year, the fair also promotes a social action with cancer patients: the donation of cosmetic tattoos.

Women who had breast cancer or suffered the effects of chemotherapy can redraw eyebrows or have their nipple's areola reconstructed through a technique called "micropigmentation."

Organisers have projected up to 34,000 people will attend the event over the two days.

Artists gathered in Rio de Janeiro for the 7th Tattoo Week with people donating cosmetic tattoos to cancer patients. Source: Associated Press