Canberra forensics lab helps solve some of Australia's most complex crimes

A highly-secure laboratory in Canberra holds crucial pieces of evidence that could help solve some of Australia's most serious crimes.

The lab, where the Australian Federal Police's forensic scientists are based, hunts for biological clues as they help police trace terrorists, murderers and drug importers, Nine News reports.

In a rare glimpse behind the scenes, the scientists there have revealed the work which goes into solving some of Australia's crimes, which can include anything from people trafficking to murder and sexual assault.

"It wouldn't be unusual to have drinking containers, knives, tools come in," Australian Federal Police forensic biologist Andrew Preston said.

However, DNA and fingerprints can also show up in unlikely places.

"I've deconstructed the inside of televisions to look for hidden cameras, and to see who might've installed those things, if they have left fingerprints behind," Australian Federal Police fingerprint expert Mel Fraser said.

"Shows like CSI probably don't give the impression of the pressure you're under... and might not show how much things affect you personally as you're dealing with them."

However, forensic science is also continuing to develop to aid scientists in their work.

The team at the Australian Federal Police is currently working on new technology which can estimate hair and eye colour, Mr Preston said.