Canadian police hope new app will tackle sexting 'epidemic'

Ontario Police have offered a sneak peak at a new anti-sexting app to help young people reject requests for naked photos.

The Send This Instead app, being offered by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) sex crimes unit, provides users with a series of humorous retorts to requests, as well as a link to enable them to report sexual harassment.

The 57 sarcastic replies include "okay TTYL (Talk to Your Lawyer)" and "why, so you can share them with the friends you don't have?"

The app has been developed amid what police are calling a sexting '"epidemic", according to AFP.

While it is aimed at protecting Canadian teens, the programme will be available worldwide when it is officially launched later this month.

Manager of the OPP unit, Inspector Scott Naylor, says the app won't solve the issue but will give youth an alternative way to deal with it.

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