'Call me a plant man if you want' – botanist shows how to turn the humble potato into a superfood

A UK ethno-botanist is proving to be a hit by showing how to turn your simple fruit and vege into superfood.

James Wong can also tell you how a mushroom can sort out all your vitamin D needs. Source: Seven Sharp

James Wong has his own hit TV show called Grow Your Own Drugs and showed Seven Sharp's Emma Keeling some mind blowing tips and tricks to get the most out of her food.

For example Mr Wong says if you cook potatoes, then refrigerate them to eat the next day they end up having significantly less calories, fill you up for longer and contain more fibre.

Mr Wong says everyday fruit and vege can easily become a superfood for a fraction of the cost when you know how to select, store and cook it.

Garlic is a good example, being high in anti-oxidants and linked to lowering cardio-vascular disease if eaten while raw, unless…

"You run it through a garlic press it creates more damage, more than slicing, more chemical reaction and you wait 10-20 minutes and you cook it, it's just as good as eating it raw," Mr Wong advised.

Another tip is to pick bright red tomatoes when doing the shopping as these can contain 20 times the beneficial nutrient lycopene than their paler counter-parts.

"Storing tomatoes on a counter rather than the fridge can create two times the amount of lycopene," Mr Wong said.

The mild mannered plant scientist grew up in Borneo and South East Asia where his grandmother taught him about traditional medicines.

His new book How to Eat Better is full of tips on how to make the most out of your everyday food.