Californian mudslide leaves death and destruction as repair begins



Associated Press

Cleanup work is underway in southern California after mudslides caused by a winter storm killed at least 18 people and injured 28 others on Tuesday (local time).

The storm killed at least 18 people and injured 28 others.
Source: Associated Press

Emergency workers are currently cleaning up debris from the destroyed houses and the massive boulders brought by the mudslide.

Employees of the local gas company have also arrived, and are trying to repair damaged gas pipelines.

A culvert of the local flood-way is blocked by a big rock, and emergency workers are trying to remove the rock. Their schedule is tight since winter is the monsoon season in California, which means the risk of another mudslide is still high if there is another storm striking in the following days.

A strong winter storm on Monday (local time) hammered southern California on the U.S. West Coast with heavy downpours, triggering deadly mud flows before dawn on Tuesday (local time).

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