Buried shipwreck washes ashore on NSW beach after heavy storms hit the region

A century-old buried shipwreck has emerged on a New South Wales beach after wild weather lashed the region in recent weeks.

The vessel, named Buster, weighs in at 310 tonnes and was originally built in Canada during the late 1800s and arrived in NSW in 1893 to load timber bound for New Zealand, Nine News reports.

However, a violent storm drove Buster ashore at the mouth of Woolgoolga Lake the same year.

The ship is 39 metres long and has now come to rest on Woolgoolga Beach north of Coffs Harbour.

The wooden shell was buried at sea for more than 120 years and has become a popular tourist attraction.

However, the local council has had to warn curious families not to take any parts of the ship away, as school holidays have meant more visitors have flocked to the wreck.