Building in Gaza collapses after massive Israeli strike during reporter's live cross

An Israeli attack against a building in Gaza struck just as a BBC reporter was filing an update earlier this week.

The dramatic footage from Thursday shows the building exploding and then collapsing amid a barrage of smoke and flames as BBC Arabic reporter Adnan Elbursh continued to broadcast.

The brave reporter and camera operator maintained their position as presenter Mohamed Seif asked if he was alright.

"Adnan, are you alright? Please end the live if you are in danger," Seif said.

"The building collapsed, it was brought down," Elbursh replied.

"I hope you are alright, there seems to have been warning shots and now the building is totally targeted," Seif said.

The strike occurred on the Al-Shorooq building as Elbursh's live report finished.

At least 122 people have been killed in Gaza and eight in Israel since fighting began on Tuesday, the BBC reports.

It comes as fighting in the Gaza Strip and Israel reached levels not seen since 2014, with no sign of the attacks abating.

The conflict has now spread to the Israeli-occupied West Bank.