British war veteran who raised millions for the NHS gets birthday letter from the Queen

The British war veteran who raised more than $NZ60 million for the National Health Service has turned 100-years-old today.

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Tom Moore raised the money by walking laps of his garden and has also been made an honorary colonel. Source: 1 NEWS

For Captain Tom Moore, it began as a little challenge in his back garden by walking a hundred laps to try and raise around NZ$2000 for an NHS charity.

Today, he was honoured with a flyover by the Royal Air Service after reaching a total of NZ$61 million.

It is a combination of an extraordinary few weeks and a celebration of how one man’s cheerful determination has inspired people around the globe.

A fund raising machine according to Prince William has been an inspiration amid crisis.

“Captain Tom that is exactly what you are! A point of light in all our lives, so on behalf of all the country thank you and have a very special 100th birthday,” said Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister.

After his promotion from Captain to Colonel he was re-issued with an honour he'd misplaced - the defence medal for his service during World War II accompanied with a birthday letter from the Queen.

“I find it difficult to express how I feel because I’m so overwhelmed by this honour,” said Mr Moore.

Captain Tom was originally planning to mark his centenary with a family party but the celebrations have been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. He'll spend his special day in self isolation at his daughter's home.