Brisbane 'poo jogger' - How two amateur Aussie sleuths caught the corporate high flyer in the act

How do you catch a person causing a stink around your neighbourhood? Some amateur Aussie sleuths had all the right answers when they caught a man dubbed Brisbane's "poo jogger" in the act of a heinous crime.

Andrew Douglas Macintosh, 64, was photographed by two local amateur detectives defecating on a footpath near an apartment complex in Greenslopes, the Courier Mail reports.

After being outed by concerned residents, he has since resigned from his corporate role with a retirement company.

For months, Macintosh had stopped off several times a week in the early hours of the morning to defecate in an alleyway of an apartment block.

This behaviour didn't sit well with local residents and two of them decided to band together in an effort to catch the early morning action as it happened.

One of the people involved, simply known as Steve, outlined how the sting operation went down to

"To start with, it was trying to ID him so we'd go for a little drive then park, did he run past? Where did he go?" Steve said.

"Through a process of elimination we figured out the route where he was running and we narrowed it down to where he lived."

The amateur detectives discovered that the poo jogger lived less than a kilometre away.

"It was just now about getting a good photo," Steve said. "I said to my neighbour 'don't approach the police yet, let me get a clear photo so when you go to them it's all laid out for them'."

From there, they waited six days before taking a photograph of Macintosh in the act.

Queensland Police confirmed yesterday that a 64-year-old man had been charged with public nuisance, though the charge was later dropped.

"Just before 5pm on 11th May, the man attended a unit complex on Logan Road and did a poo. He did have toilet paper on him though. At least he made sure his bum was clean, if not the surrounding area," Queensland police said.

Andrew Douglas Macintosh resigned from his job hours after it was revealed he was Brisbane's notorious "poo jogger". Source: Facebook