Brazil's indigenous communities face increasing threat of Covid-19

Brazil has recorded 1473 Covid-19 related deaths in a single day, and the virus is now making its way to indigenous communities in the Amazon.

Mass graves are becoming increasingly common in the Amazon, the ABC reported.

One woman is mourning the loss of her father, buried under four other people.

Another woman thinks she has Covid-19.

“I’ve had symptoms, and I’m worried about my kids,” she said. Thankfully, her test comes back negative.

But medical boats only come once a month to the region.

“Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bureaucracy. We’re so sorry that we couldn’t get here soon enough,” said one medical professional.

Brazil has now surpassed Italy’s total with 34,000 Covid-19 deaths. According to Johns Hopkins University data, this makes it the country with the third-highest death toll, surpassed only by the US and UK.

There are now nearly 615,000 reported Covid-19 cases in Brazil - the second-highest in the world only after the US.

There are now over 6.7 million confirmed cases worldwide according to the university's data.