Boris Johnson vows to keep going into winter without lockdowns

Booster shots for over 50s and vaccinations for children will be used to combat Covid-19 infections this autumn and winter in England.

Source: 1 NEWS

Addressing the nation from Downing Street,  Boris Johnson outlined his government’s new road map that relies on vaccines rather than further lockdowns to navigate a "bumpy" winter.

"Because in one way our position today is actually more challenging, we have higher levels of daily cases, thousands more," said Britain’s prime minister.

"But in many other crucial respects the British people all of us collectively and individually are incomparably better place to fight the disease."

He said that more than 80 per cent of over-16s were now double-jabbed, with 90 per cent of the adult population having coronavirus antibodies which can defend against the virus.

"The result of this vaccination campaign is that we have one of the most free societies and one of the most open economies in Europe."

"That is why we are now sticking with our strategy. In essence, we are going to keep going."

Government figures released today show in the last 24 hours alone there were 26,628 new Covid cases and 185 deaths bringing the total of fatalities in the UK to more than 134,000.

The Prime Minister said his government was preparing for ‘Plan B’ if there was an unmanageable spike in cases, which could see the return of mandatory masks, working from home and the introduction of vaccine passports for large events.

"Covid is still out there. The disease, sadly, still remains a risk."

"But I’m confident that we can keep going with our plan to turn jabs, jabs, jabs into jobs, jobs, jobs and protect the gains that we’ve made together."

Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland have confirmed they will all go ahead with boosters and vaccines for over 12s.