The hot don't stop! Muggy nights set to hinder Aucklanders' sleep for a while to come

Those finding it tough to get a decent night's sleep in Auckland due to the muggy overnight temperatures are in for some bad news.

According to the MetService, average overnight temperatures in the region are set to stay around 19 to 20 degrees for at least the next seven days.

This is due to a warm air mass bringing high humidity levels over the upper North Island.

Every day this January, the lowest daily temperature has been noticeably above the historical average overnight Auckland January temperature of 15.7 degrees.

The average lowest daily temperature for January 2018 has been has been 17.9 degrees.

"It is going to feel warmer this January because of frequent humid air masses over the country of tropical origin," MetService meteorologist Tom Adams said.

Those looking for an easy commute into the City of Sails may also be in for a shock with heavy rain settling in from around 6am, just in time for the rush hour.

Auckland waterfront.
Auckland waterfront. Source:



'Clear animal abuse' - Spanish festival that sees horses jumped through fire outrages animal rights groups

Animal rights groups have condemned a festival in Spain that sees riders jump their horses through roaring flames as part of an annual festival, calling it an example of "animal abuse".

The Las Luminarias festival takes place northwest of Madrid in San Bartolome de Pinares and is held on the eve of Saint Anthony's Day, Spain's patron saint of animals.

Reuters reports that those taking part in the tradition believe that the horses who leap over the flames, lit in bonfires on the ground, will be purified for the year ahead.

However, animal rights groups have long voiced their concerns over the event, with Spanish political party, the Animalist Party Against the Mistreatment of Animals, describing it as "clear animal abuse".

The mayor of San Bartolome de Pinares doesn't agree with this viewpoint.

"The only thing I have to say is that the animals don't suffer anything at all," she told Reuters.

"The government of Castilla and Leon assign us a vet and the City Hall hires another one, who is making rounds all around the village during the festival.

"Every year they produce a report which has always been favourable and nothing has ever happened here," Ms Gomez said.