'Black pudding saved my life' - UK butcher trapped in freezer uses smallgood as battering ram




A British butcher used a frozen log of black pudding as a battering ram to escape his freezer after being locked in.

Chris McCabe, 70, was trapped in the freezer in temperatures of -20degC – and the door release button was frozen shut.
Source: BBC

The BBC reports Chris McCabe, 70, was getting something from his freezer for a customer in Totnes, Devon when the wind blew the door shut behind him.

He was stranded inside the -20C room after realising that the safety door release button had frozen over.

He first tried kicking the button to no avail, before seeing the frozen log of black pudding - a mixture of blood and suet.

Using it as a battering ram, he managed to smash the ice around the button and free himself.

"No-one could hear me banging ... black pudding saved my life," he said.

"I used it like the police use battering rams to break door locks in ... it was solid, pointed and I could get plenty of weight behind it.

"I'm lucky really ... we sell about two or three each week and that was the last one in there."

Being trapped in a -20degC freezer would kill a human in about one hour.

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