Black dog disappears in snow while playing fetch as storm dumps record-breaking amounts of snow in Arizona

A winter storm dumped record-breaking amounts of snow in Arizona and forced the closure today of roads, schools and government offices across the Southwest.

The storm was pushing through eastern Arizona and heading for New Mexico and Texas after dumping nearly 0.9 metres of snow yesterday at the Flagstaff airport during the city's snowiest day on record, and more than 0.6 metres in Payson, a town that logs that much snow as its yearly average.

Residents were digging out from the weather that the National Weather Service characterised as "not your average" storm.

Chad Williamson of Flagstaff played snowball fetch with his dog, watching the black pooch nearly vanish in the white snow.

Schools across northern Arizona, southern Nevada and southwestern Colorado were closed — many for a second day — because of threats posed by snow-packed or slick roads.

Government offices either closed or delayed the start of their day.

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    Fetch was particularly challenging in Arizona in recent days, with dogs struggling with heavy snow. Source: Associated Press