Bill English condemns North Korea's long-range missile test: 'We'd be concerned about more provocation'


North Korea is thumbing its nose at the world with yet another missile test, which has been condemned by Bill English.

The claims come as Bill English heads to Asia to talk trade.
Source: 1 NEWS

Launched Sunday the missile reached an unusually high altitude covering nearly 700km over 30 minutes before coming down into the sea between North Korea and Japan, less than 100km form Russia.

Bill English is travelling to the region tomorrow for trade talks in Japan.

Today Mr English condemned the missile test.

"We'd be concerned about more provocation from North Korea and provocation seems to be what's behind the most recent launch," he said.

US President Donald Trump has reacted by calling for China to increase sanctions on North Korea meaning suggestions he might consider talks with Pongyang now dashed.

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