Biden blasts Trump for 'bringing up malarkey' to deflect from real issues at debate

US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden have clashed over the incumbent's line of attack at today's final presidential debate, with Biden calling it "malarkey".

Trump repeatedly brought up claims that Biden has been receiving money from foreign sources through his son, Hunter Biden -something which Biden says is "not true."

Finally tiring of the issue, Biden shot back at Trump, accusing him of deflecting from the real issues.

"There’s a reason he is bringing up all this malarkey. He doesn’t want to talk about the substantive issues. It’s not about his family and my family, it’s about your family and your family is hurting badly,” Biden said, pointing directly down the camera.

Biden went on to talk directly to the American people, saying the last thing Trump wants to talk about is the hardships many families are going through under his administration.

Trump was quick to shoot back.

"That’s a typical political statement: 'Let’s get off this China thing,' then he looks at the camera - the family around the table, etc. I’m not a typical politician. That’s why I got elected. Come on, Joe, you can do better."

Earlier in the debate, Biden said his son did nothing inappropriate while working for a company in Ukraine and noted Trump was the one who got impeached for dealings with that country.

Trump pointed out that the former vice president’s son drew a large salary from a Ukrainian firm.

Biden responded that the accusation had been investigated repeatedly and did not link him to any wrongdoing. Biden also noted that the president was impeached for attempting to pressure the president of Ukraine to find potentially damaging information on the Bidens.

He then attempted to turn the question into an attack on Trump, focusing on a recent report in The New York Times that Trump has a bank account in that country.

Trump responded, “I have many bank accounts and they’re all listed and they’re all over the place.” He said that the Chinese account in question was opened in 2015 and closed in 2017, “I believe”, even though it actually appears to still be open.

The final debate has been less chaotic than the first, with microphones being muted while the other candidate talks.