Ben Carson: 'It will not be my intention to benefit any American'



Associated Press

Ben Carson had an unfortunate slip up during his confirmation hearing in the US saying it won't be his intention "to benefit any American".

Mr Carson's gaff came after US Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., asked for assurances from Ben Carson that among the billions of dollars that HUD distributes in grants and loans "not $1 will go to benefit President-elect Donald Trump or his family."

The soon-to-be head of Department of Housing and Urban Development made the unfortunate gaff during his confirmation hearing.
Source: Associated Press

Mr Carson is appearing before a Senate committee as he seeks confirmation to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development following Donald Trump's inauguration next week.

Mr Carson was trying to say it won't be his intention to benefit an individual American but instead stumbled over himself saying: "It will not be my intention to benefit any American."

He went on to say his intention is to manage things in a way that benefit all of the American people.

He says if an extraordinary programme is benefiting millions of people, but a particular individual were to receive $US10, "am I going to say 'no, the rest of you Americans can't have it?'"

Carson continues "I think logic and common sense probably would be the best way."

Several former HUD secretaries, Democrats and Republicans, wrote the committee in support of Carson, saying they believe Carson will listen to staff to help fulfill HUD's mission of affordable homes and inclusive communities.

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