Beirut blast: Live-streamed mass shows priest running in terror as shockwave hits

Debris was captured on video falling on a Lebanese priest and parishioners during today's Beirut explosions.

According to Alhurra correspondent Steven Nabil, the holy mass was being live streamed online at the time of the explosions.

Video posted to Twitter shows a priest giving mass as a loud explosion rocks the church's roof above him.

Stained glass windows then rain down and the priest is hit by a large section of it as he attempts to run from the debris.

It's unclear how badly the priest or the parishioners were injured in the blast.

According to Associated Press, more than 70 people were killed and 3000 injured, with bodies buried in the rubble.

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The blast caused a giant mushroom cloud above the city.

It was not clear what caused the blast, which struck with the force of a 3.5 magnitude earthquake, according to Germany’s geosciences center GFZ, and was heard and felt as far away as Cyprus more than 200 kilometres across the Mediterranean.

Lebanon's interior minister said it appeared that a large cache of ammonium nitrate in the port had detonated.