'It basically started to melt' - London double-decker bus goes up in flames

A fire on double-decker bus on a busy south London street escalated into a raging inferno very quickly according to a witness.

The back of the top deck of the bus burst into flames in Loampit Vale, close to Lewisham Station today, the Evening Standard reports.

Passerby, student Nicholas Vassiliades, 21, told the Standard he saw a woman "screaming and running away".

"There was a little bit of smoke coming out of the back of the bus, then all of a sudden it started to escalate, until the fire engulfed pretty much the whole back of the bus," Mr Vassiliades said.

"You could hear the cracking of the glass and there were sparks flying off."

"It went up very quickly. The whole bus went black and basically started to melt."

The fire brigade has confirmed there were no injuries.

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