Bali authorities force foreigners to do push-ups for those who won't pay up on flouting mask rules

Travellers to Bali caught not wearing face masks are being subjected to a highly unusual punishment.

Frustrated that fines aren't working, police are turning to a more physical approach.

Those who refuse to wear masks in public are issued a small fine along with 25 push-ups as punishment.

Authorities say the Balinese are also guilty of not following the rules but often foreigners, including Australians refuse to pay up, so they are told to push up instead.

Despite skyrocketing Covid-19 infections across Indonesia, including Bali, many still flout the rules on masks and social distancing that have been mandatory for months.

Bali’s Governor is now warning foreigners without masks that they will be banned from tourist sites and restaurants.

Some tourists support calls to deport those who refuse to follow protocols.

Almost 600 people have died in Bali from Covid-19 and almost 21,000 have been infected. That's a 17 per cent increase this month alone.