Australia's first Covid-19 death in weeks, infection surge pour cold water on trans-Tasman bubble idea

A Victorian man in his 80s has died from coronavirus, Australia's first death from the disease in a month.

Victoria recorded another 20 new cases today, bringing the number of community transmissions to 241.

Chief health officer Brett Sutton said Victoria was able to test 20,000 people a day for the virus as officials move to crack down on several clusters of outbreaks and trace and quarantine contacts of infected people.

Health officials will begin doorknocking hotspots across Melbourne to ensure residents are sticking to government guidelines.

Information in languages other than English will also be provided for multicultural communities in heavily affected areas.

The state's hotels are under fire for failing to effectively quarantine people with coronavirus after several security guards became infected.

Professor Sutton said social distancing requirements had been reinforced to contracted security staff.

"They know the protocols in regards to how to manage accompanying guests for fresh air," he told reporters.

'Significant community transmission' among new coronavirus cases in Victoria, Australia

"So the same messages in terms of the distance they need to keep and the hygiene procedures that they will need to go through routinely."

The issue will be raised at a national cabinet meeting on Friday.

"Certainly breaches of those quarantine rules are very serious and we know the broader implications they have for the health of the nation," Treasurer Josh Frydenberg told Sky News on Wednesday.

"We do need serious rules in place to ensure that doesn't occur."

Leaders from other states have warned people not to visit Melbourne, with NSW rolling out a social media advertising campaign telling its residents to think twice about travel.

States that have successfully suppressed the coronavirus will soon allow their residents a taste of pre-pandemic-style freedom.

South Australia will join Western Australia in halving the density rules for people in restaurants, bars, shops and other indoor venues to two square metres per patron.

The move, which effectively doubles the capacity of each venue, has been welcomed by the hospitality industry.

The national tally of cases is 7512, with close to 7000 recovered while 103 people have died.