Australian woman looking for love scammed more than $320K by fraudulent soldier

A man pretending to be an American soldier has allegedly scammed a "well- educated" Brisbane woman seeking romance of more than $NZ320,000.

The woman sent the 32-year-old foreign national more than $210,000 after he told her a sob story relating to the loss of close family members.

They had met on social media last October and began an online relationship. He claimed to be deployed in Syria, but was in fact living in Brisbane.

He later went to her house to take another $110,000, claiming he was a fixer for the soldier after he did not match the photos of her purported boyfriend.

The meeting prompted her to go to police, who caught the man in a sting - involving the purported handover of more money - before charging him with fraud and attempted fraud.

Police investigator Vince Byrnes described the victim as "well-educated", but she took "for granted" things the scammer told her.

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