Australian woman to be charged after getting dragged from car by police at Covid-19 checkpoint

An Australian woman at the centre of a dramatic arrest at a Covid-19 checkpoint north of Melbourne is expected to be charged with assaulting police.

A video shared on Facebook by Natalie Bonett shows the 29-year-old being dragged out of the driver's seat after refusing to get out of her car at Kalkallo, about 60km north of the city.

"I am shaking, crying and in complete disbelief that I was treated this way," Bonett, who was wearing a mask, wrote of the incident.

Police confirmed Bonett was arrested after allegedly refusing to provide her details and driver's licence.

"Police spoke to the female driver at the checkpoint in relation to her mobile phone obstructing her view due to its position on the windscreen and explained that this was an offence," a Victoria Police statement said.

"The woman refused to remove her phone from the windscreen."

In the video posted on Facebook, the male officer can be heard asking for Bonett's name and address.

"The problem is you're not stating your name to me," the officer is heard saying.

Bonett again refused to get out of the car.

"I don't feel safe. You're armed," she said.

"You're safe, don't you worry about that," the officer replied.

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The footage then shows the officer lean into the vehicle as Bonett protests, before she is forcibly removed.

As she's removed, a man can be heard claiming "she's sick". It's not clear whether he was referring to Covid-19 or another illness.

Police said Bonett had been warned she would be arrested if she did not provide her details.

She was later released and is expected to be charged on summons with driving with obscured vision, fail to produce licence, fail to state her name and address, resist arrest, assault police and offensive language.

"Victoria Police reminds all drivers that the Road Safety Act requires that they must state their name and address and produce their driver's licence when requested to do so by a police officer," the police statement said.

Police meanwhile arrested at least one person after anti-lockdown protesters massed in Melbourne for a second day.

Dozens of screaming protesters were outnumbered by officers at Queen Victoria Market on Sunday.

Footage of a violent scuffle between a man and about six officers has been posted online.

Police issued a total of 200 fines to individuals for breaching the chief health officer's directions over the past 24 hours.

They included 48 for curfew breaches, 16 for failing to wear a face covering without an approved reason and nine at vehicle checkpoints.