Australian MPs caution against burqa ban despite public support




Senior MPs from both sides have cautioned against a push to ban the burqa despite a poll showing half of Australians would support the move.

A Sky News/ReachTEL found 44 per cent of people 'strongly supported' banning the burqa in public places, while a further 13 per cent 'supported' it.

Of the more than 2800 people surveyed, 19 per cent strongly opposed a ban, 12 per cent opposed, while the rest were undecided.

Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne said his concern about the burqa was that it isolated women from society.

"I think that is a dangerous thing," he told Nine Network.

"It's nothing to do with it being Muslim or any other kind of religion for that matter."

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese conceded to being "uncomfortable" when the burqa was worn in public.

"I think people who aren't from that culture are uncomfortable with it," he said.

But he also warned bans doesn't work.

"There's a whole range of behaviour from people that have different cultures, different ethnicities, different religions that people might not be comfortable with. But that doesn't mean you go about banning it."

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, who wore a burqa into the Senate last week, seized on the poll.

"Perhaps while the government are conducting their plebiscite on same sex marriage, we include the question as to whether Australians want to ban all full face coverings in government buildings and public spaces," she told News Corp.

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