Australian man karate kicks local off moving scooter during drunken Bali rampage

A shocking video has emerged of an Australian man karate kicking a local on a drunken rampage in Bali on Saturday morning.

Nicholas Carr was drunk on vodka and cocktails, Nine New reports.

Video shows Carr karate kicking a scooter driver off his vehicle as he's travelling along the road.

Fortunately the man he kicked only received minor cuts and grazes after coming off the scooter.

Carr allegedly harassed locals, threw himself into the bonnet of a moving car and smashed restaurant windows in the popular beach town destination of Kuta.

Stunned locals watched on before he was later arrested by police.

Speaking from inside the cell Mr Carr told Seven News that he regrets what's happened and "is sorry".

"I can’t really remember most of it ... I have never done this before, ever."

He says he wants to pay the victims' compensation.  He faces serious charges of assault.

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Channel Nine reporter Renae Henry explains. Source: 1 NEWS