Australian man dives in to check out 'little' shark, comes face-to-face with 5m beast

A moment of curiosity became one scary moment for an Australian man after he jumped in the sea to check out a "little" shark, only to discover a five-metre great white staring back at him. 

Tim Knight was spear fishing in New South Wales when he saw the shark swim by, before jumping into the water and capturing the terrifying moment on camera. 

He promised his friends if he saw a shark in Bateman Bay's clear water he would jump in, and when the opportunity presented itself he didn't go back on his word, reports Seven News. 

"I thought he was smaller... I looked at him and went 'that's f*****g big'," said Mr Knight. 

"It didn't mind us in its environment, just gave us the little extra push I needed just to jump in the water and get the footage of this amazing animal."