Australian man charged after allegedly sharing child abuse material, after joint investigation with NZ police

An Australian man is being charged with child exploitation crimes after a joint investigation between Australia and New Zealand Police.

File image. Source: Getty

The 31-year-old man was allegedly caught sharing child abuse material online in Sydney, by the New Zealand Police's Online Child Exploitation team.

It was reported to the Australian counterpart and the man was arrested.

Australian police say the Sydney man was arrested yesterday and a number of electronic items were seized.

"About $12,000 in cash and 50 grams of a substance suspected to be cocaine were also seized," they say.

The 31-year-old was refused police bail and is due to appear in court today.

Kelly Knight, high tech crime manager at New Zealand Police, says the joint operation sends a firm message to criminals.

“Those who share child abuse material are not, and will not be, protected by borders or by their perceived online anonymity," she says.

"We have long had strong ties with Australian law enforcement agencies and the outcome of this investigation is an excellent example."

Australian Federal Police's Detective Superindendent Ben McQuillan says: "[This investigation] serves as a warning for people who use, share or create child abuse material – you are not anonymous and we are hunting you down."