Australian journalists bashed unprovoked by police officers forcibly clearing out White House area

Two Australian journalists are the latest to come in harm's way in protests raging across the US, bashed by police officers outside the White House.

The incident was filmed by multiple news cameras at the scene, which were broadcasting live.

7 NEWS correspondent Amelia Brace was speaking live to the hosts of Sunrise, airing back in Australia, when things abruptly escalated.

"Here we go, they're moving through again, this is exactly what it looks like, we're safely..." she says, before getting abruptly cut off.

A thump can be heard moments before a police officer appears to directly punch the camera lens, before the screen goes dark as Ms Brace screams "media!" before the audio cuts out.

"The police just charged at Amelia and our 7 NEWS cameraman there, it looks like a policeman just punched our cameraman," anchor David Koch says.

When she returns on camera, Ms Brace says the police are being "indiscriminate" at who they're targeting.

"You really saw the way that they dealt with my cameraman Tim [Myers] there, they're quite violent. And they do not care who they're targeting at the moment."

Another outlet, US-based ABC 7, also filmed the aggressive confrontation, revealing what happened when the camera went dark.

As police officers rush forward, one runs up to Mr Meter and bashes him in the stomach with his shield, before hitting the camera.

The two journalists are then chased down the street, with another officer hitting them with batons.

ABC 7's video was also broadcast live.

Their news anchors expressed their shock and horror at the scene unfolding before them.

"Oh my gosh... that's a member of the press," one woman is heard saying, before encouraging their own journalist to get to a safe space.

Ms Brace says camera operator Tim Meyers was also hit with rubber bullets prior to the incident.

The forcible clear-out took place shortly before US President Donald Trump staged a walk back to the White House after making a short address, where he threatened to bring in the military to put down violent protests.

Tear gas was also fired at the peaceful protestors in the area.