Australian festival-goer dies of suspected drug overdose

A 19-year-old woman has died in hospital after a suspected drug overdose at a music festival in Australia.

According to 9News, police said the New South Wales teenager was taken from the Parramatta Park event FOMO in Sydney to Westmead Hospital yesterday, and later died.

The circumstances of her death are being investigated, and the incident marks the sixth death at a music festival in just six months.

After a number of accidental overdoses at festivals in New Zealand and Australia, the New Zealand government are considering a law change to make drug testing at festivals legal, hoping to stop concert goers being admitted to hospital.  

What is drug testing for?

Recreational drugs can sometimes have poisonous or ‘filler’ substances and if a user is uncertain about the strength and purity, it can lead to accidental overdoses.

The testing would expose what exactly is in the tablet and how pure it is.

According to RNZ, about one in five drugs tested at festivals last summer was not what the buyer thought it was.

Drug testing has taken place at some Kiwi festivals but currently exists in something of a legal grey area.

The Misuse of Drugs Act makes it illegal to knowingly permit drug use in any premises.  

ecstasy being handed over at a house party..