Australian children to be part of world's first study on impact digital technology has on kids

Australian children will be part of a world first study to understand the impact digital technology is having on their first eight years of life.

The Morrison government has pledged NZ$38 million to help establish a research centre based at the Queensland University of Technology.

"Our children are growing up with unprecedented access to technology and we need to better understand the effect it is having on them," Education Minister Dan Tehan said today.

"The results of this research will benefit parents and inform improvements to children's health and education policy."

The new ARC Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child will receive another NZ$35 million from partner organisations both from within Australia, and also Europe, Asia and America.

The study will lead to resources to reduce harm children experience from technology.

Lead researcher Susan Danby hopes to create a clear understanding of the digital impact on children, saying there's currently mixed messages.

"Australia will inform international agendas in minimising children's digital risks and maximising positive digital engagement," Prof Danby said.

The study will consider problems related to screen time, social media use, gaming, and online safety.

Source: 1 NEWS

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