Australian bushfires could cause dozens of threatened species to go extinct, report warns

A new report warns Australia's bushfires could potentially push dozens of threatened species to extinction in the wild, and a group of New Zealanders are travelling around Australia to help save the fire-ravaged animals. 

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The NSW government has released its first assessment of the devastating blazes. Source: 1 NEWS

The charity HUHA is in New South Wales, working alongside local charities to ensure kangaroos and koalas get a fighting chance.

The animals have lost their parents, have limited food, no homes and they're suffering serious burns.

Adrina Selles has been running the sanctuary in Wandandian for two years.

"These guys who have fled the fire front and they've managed to save themselves from the fire," Ms Selles told 1 NEWS.

"As they're coming back to their home territory, they walk over the hot ground and get burns on their feet."

"Burns like this can take a month, six weeks to regenerate good tissue to get them up and rocking again," said HUHA NZ founder Caroline Press-Mckenie.

Fire started heading towards the sanctuary on New Year's Eve and they were told they had two hours to evacuate. The animals had to be set free.

The flames hit the sanctuary in less than 30 minutes but stopped before reaching the property.

"Absolutely amazed our house is still burning, I was more amazed that the joeys I released came back home waiting for me when I could get back here," Ms Selles says.

It could take up to 18 months for these kangaroos and macropods to be released.