Australia's PM confirms threat to Parliament House

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott has confirmed Parliament House in Canberra has been a target for terrorists and security will be beefed up.

Mr Abbott said a review of security at the building was conducted after the potential threats were identified.

"One of the first consequences of the review of security has been moves to put Australian Federal Police back in charge of internal as well as external security," he told the Nine Network today from Kirribilli House in Sydney.

About 5000 people work in Parliament House when it sits and it's a major attraction in Canberra for tourists and groups of schoolchildren.

Asked if people would be safe, Mr Abbott said "it is a safe country but we have to be aware there are people ... who would do us harm."

This morning, ONE News' Australian correspondent Steve Marshall highlighted The Daily Telegraph's reports that the Prime Minister and other "high level officials" were identified by police and intelligence agencies as "prime targets" in a potential plan to attack Parliament House.

Speaking from Sydney, Marshall told TVNZ's Breakfast programme that the newspaper is reporting Australian intelligence agencies picked up "chatter" that revealed the pre-planning of the alleged attack.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has not ruled out further arrests following raids in Sydney and Brisbane yesterday. Police are expected to continue searching some properties today as part of the major operation into the alleged terror plots.

Following yesterday's dawn raids, Sydney man Omarjan Azari has faced court charged with preparing a terrorist plan involving what police alleged was "random selection" of members of the public for execution by beheading.

A 24-year-old from Merrylands in Sydney's west was charged with the possession of an unauthorised weapon and possessing ammunition without a licence. He has been bailed to appear at Fairfield Local Court on September 24.

Two women were also issued with court attendance notices. Nine people were released from custody in Sydney while others were detained for questioning. More than 800 police executed 25 raids in 12 suburbs.

Australian Correspondent Steve Marshall has the latest on the situation. Source: 1 NEWS


Ebola health workers, journalists 'found dead' in Guinea

Guinea officials have reportedly found several bodies in the search for a team of health workers and journalists who went missing while working to raise awareness of Ebola.

The BBC is reporting that a spokesperson for Guinea's government says the bodies included those of three journalists in the team.

The group went missing after being attacked on Tuesday in a village near the southern city of Nzerekore.

Today, the UN Security Council called the Ebola outbreak in Africa "a threat to international peace and security" and urged the world to provide health experts, field hospitals and medical supplies to combat the rapidly accelerating and deadly virus.

A resolution adopted unanimously by the UN's most powerful body at an emergency meeting with an unprecedented 130 countries as co-sponsors reflected the rising global concern at the swiftly spreading Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

It marked only the second time that the Security Council has addressed a public health emergency, the first being the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

UN health chief Dr Margaret Chan says the "deadly and dreaded Ebola virus got ahead of us" and it was now time to urgently catch up.

"This is likely the greatest peacetime challenge that the United Nations and its agencies have ever faced," she says.

Health workers and journalists are among the group found dead in Guinea. Source: 1 NEWS



CCTV snaps brazen art thief in the act

A man's bizarre attempt to make off with a framed picture has been captured on camera.