Australia allocates $105,000 to personal shark deterrents for surfers

The Western Australian government will subsidise another 500 personal shark deterrents for surfers and divers to help keep them safe in the water this summer.

The government has allocated $NZ105,000 to provide $210 to each person who buys one of two approved devices, the Surf+ or the Freedom 7.

Prices vary, but the Freedom 7 device retails on the internet for around $NZ524.

Acting WA Fisheries Minister Roger Cook said the personal shark deterrent program had been embraced by surfers and divers with more than 2800 Western Australians purchasing a device in the past 18 months.

"The expansion of this world-first subsidy programme allows more ocean users to purchase a scientifically proven device with the confidence it will significantly reduce their chance of a shark interaction," he said.

After shark scares on three Kiwi beaches over the long weekend, Seven Sharp decided to ask an expert.
Source: Seven Sharp