Aussie strawberry scandal causes concern in New Zealand

A strawberry scandal across the ditch is now causing concern in New Zealand after needles were found in strawberry punnets.

Three states and six brands are believed to have had sewing needles deliberately placed in strawberries.

One man was taken to hospital after biting into a berry with a needle inside.

Originally Australian police thought it was one act of sabotage, but now as the berry crisis grows, the investigation is widening.

In Queensland, the premier has issued a $100,000 reward to catch the strawberry spiker.

Australian police are investigating and have alerted Kiwi authorities.

New Zealand police say they are aware of the issue, and the Ministry of Primary Industries is looking into it.

MPI didn’t respond to repeated requests from 1 NEWS for comment on whether strawberries here are safe and if extra precautions are being put in place.

Foodstuffs say they’ve been assured by suppliers that none of their product is affected.

They say it’s a dreadful situation and they are taking all steps to protect the safety of customers.

A Countdown spokeswoman says they have “triple checked” and there are none of the affected brands in its stores.

Suppliers say they are waiting for the Kiwi strawberry season to start in the next couple of months.

Sewing needles and pins have been deliberately placed inside strawberries across the ditch. Source: 1 NEWS

If anyone has any concerns about the safety of their strawberries they have been told to alert authorities immediately.