Aussie mum-of-two wrestles would-be car thief in her underwear - 'I was pretty scared'

A brave Aussie couple have wrestled and pinned down a would-be car thief in their parking lot in just their underwear. 

The moment mother-of two Sarah Brew runs to their vehicle and hits the man who was sitting in the drivers seat was caught on CCTV. 

Ms Brew can clearly be heard yelling "get out. No. Get out...Give me the key" before honking the horn for help. 

Her partner Joseph Stephen then rushes to the rescue, pulling the man out of the car and wrestles with the would-be thief, cornering him until police arrived. 

Ms Brew told Nine News she "froze for a second" when she saw a shadow in the kitchen. 

"I just gave him a piece of my mind and told him to get the freaking hell out of my car," Ms Brew said.

Mr Stephen said he was "pretty scared" when he fought off the man but would do it all again, next time wearing pants.

Queensland Police said they arrested a 30-year-old man at the scene. 


Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop arrives in NZ to meet counterpart Winston Peters

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop arrives in New Zealand today for talks with our Foreign Minster Winston Peters.

The two Foreign Ministers will meet in Auckland today and tomorrow for the formal six monthly foreign policy discussion between the two countries.

The two ministers have said discussions will surround regional and global issues that are important to both countries. Source: Breakfast

"Australia is New Zealand's most important bilateral partner and our discussion will help ensure the trans-Tasman relationship is working effectively," said Mr Peters.

"This meeting is part of the regular foreign policy consultation with Australia. We will discuss in depth the global and regional issues where we have shared interests," he said.

The Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop, will meet Winston Peters in Auckland on Friday and Saturday. Source: 1 NEWS

The two Foreign Ministers last met in November at the APEC Ministerial Meeting in Vietnam. 

Their meeting in Auckland will also prepare the way for the annual meeting of New Zealand and Australian Prime Ministers due to take place next month in Australia.

Last year, Ms Bishop said it would be difficult to trust a Labour government after a dual citizenship scandal involving Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

Tensions continued to simmer, with the two countries at odds over the treatment of refugees on Manus Island and over Australia's now-dumped plans to charge Kiwis higher university fees.

On TVNZ1's Breakfast earlier this week, Labour MP Kieran McAnulty said it would be "just another meeting" between Winston Peters and Ms Bishop. 

"There's always going to be differences but [Australia] does remain our closest ally. I'd say it'll be all sorts of international items on the agenda that Australia might be looking for New Zealand support and vice versa," he said.

The Breakfast Club said it would be "just another meeting", despite Ms Bishop previously saying she would find it hard to work with a Labour government. Source: Breakfast


Watch: The innovative way Norway is overcoming scourge of plastic

Norway is leading the way when it comes to the fight against plastic waste, using an innovative "reverse vending machine" system that rewards people for recycling.

The country already has a tax on products that come in plastic bottles and once you've finished with the bottle it can be returned to a vending machine that then prints out a voucher for getting money back.

All of the plastic collected in the machines is then recycled.

The scheme has been wildly successful with Norway now recycling 97 per cent of all its plastic bottles.

This has led to the UK researching a similar project in the hopes of cutting down on plastic waste.