Aussie inmates care for meth-addict pythons and cagey cockatoos


Animals are being rehabilitated by inmates at a prison in New South Wales, Australia as part of a programme to rehabilitate themselves.

Prisoners in the NSW jail get to care for the animals.
Source: 1 NEWS

It may look like a zoo at times, but the John Moroney Correctional Facility's wildlife centre is making positive changes for the inmates.

The facility started some 20 years ago and on any given day can house up to 230 animals.

Minimum security inmates have the chance to care for the animals, and one inmate, who declined to be named, said his mindset has definitely changed.

"It has changed me ... in a big way ... I never thought it was gunna have that much impact on me," he says.

"They all got a soft spot in me heart ay, like every one of them.

"They're all unique in their way."

Senior Overseer Ian Mitchell says the bahaviour of the inmates changing was noticeable.

"The animals are non-judjudgemental, so they form a relationship with the animals and that turns their personality and their wellbeing around, which is a real big impact that I've witnessed."

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