Aussie actress Rebel Wilson claims 'jealous' ex-schoolmate sold her out to make 'quick buck'




Rebel Wilson has shed tears as she told a Melbourne court magazine staff decided to rip her to shreds in articles, ruining decades of hard work she'd put in to make it in Hollywood.

The Pitch Perfect star wept as she thought back on "every single day" she worked to achieve her dreams of success as a comic film star - only to find that undone by an "expose take-down" in Woman's Day magazine.

Wilson has returned to the witness box on day three of her defamation trial against publisher Bauer Media.

She says she didn't fit the mould of a typical, glamorous Australian export like Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts or Cate Blanchett so she had worked hard to specialise in comedy over nearly 20 years.

Wilson alleges she was hot property until an "obsessed" and "jealous" former schoolmate sold her out to Woman's Day to make a "quick buck".

She says she believes she knows the identity of the source who gave dubious information to the publisher for a series of articles, which claimed to out the "real Rebel".

Wilson denies what she claims are imputations in the magazine that she had lied about her age, name and background.

Wilson says her career was damaged and she lost movie roles when Bauer painted her as a serial liar and a fake.

Wilson said the magazine journalists had swooped in "like vultures" in a bid to find dirt on the Fat Pizza and Bridesmaids star, and had failed to contact her for comment.

"I don't have a drug past. I don't have a weird sex tape or a criminal history," she told the court.

A series of emails between the journalist and an anonymous source attempting to negotiate a fee in return for information were read out in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Wednesday.

The hearing continues.

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