As it happened: Scotland's vote for independence

Should Scotland be an independent country?
Yes 44.7%
No 55.3%
(32 of 32 council areas declared).

Supporters for the No campaign for the Scottish Independence Referendum hold up a banner for the media in Edinburgh, Scotland. Source: Associated Press

7.21pm: The final result is in. Highland voted "No" winning 52.9% to 47.1%. Total votes was 165,808 - a turnout of 86.9%.

A Yes campaign washing line for the Scottish independence referendum in front of Edinburgh Castle. Source: Associated Press

5.21pm: Alex Salmond, Scotland's first minister, says he ""accepts the verdict of the people". He says the turnout of 86% is a triumph for democratic politics.

5.17pm: Johann Lamont, Labour leader in Scotland says: "Delighted that Scots have voted for better, faster, safer change as part of the UK. Let's begin fixing the divides in our society".

5.16pm: There was a total voter turnout of just under 85%. 

5.12pm: It's now arithmetically impossible for "Yes" to win the referendum. 

5.10pm: Yet another win for "No" in Fife, 55% to 45%. 

5.05pm: "No" also wins in Aberdeenshire by 60% to 40%. Total votes was 179,943 - a turnout of 87%.

5.05pm: "No" wins in Argyll & Brute, 58.5% to 41.5%. Total votes was 63,467 - a turnout of 88.1%

5.04pm: "Yes" would need more than 80% of the remaining votes to win. 

5.03pm: David Cameron will make a statement around 6pm NZT, the BBC says.

5pm: Edinburgh has voted "No" at 61% to 39%. Total votes was 318,565 - a turnout of 84.3%

4.54pm: Alistair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign, has posted on Twitter: "An extraordinary night. Humbled by the level of support and the efforts of our volunteers. Will give speech in Glasgow shortly".

4.50pm: British Prime Minister David Cameron: "I've spoken to Alistair Darling - and congratulated him on an well-fought campaign". 

4.48pm: Scotland on track to remain part of the United Kingdom with "No" widely forecast to garner 55% of the vote. 

4.39pm: The "No" campaign has just over 1,397,000 votes, with "Yes" on around 1,176,000.

4.38pm: There has been a total voter turnout so far of 84.20%.

4.32pm: The BBC are now predicting the final result at 55% for "No" and 45% for "Yes".

4.26pm: There were more than 100,000 tweets about the referendum between 3pm and 4pm.

4.25pm: Early results suggest people don't want to end Scotland's 307-year union with England.

4.16pm: The BBC has forecasted a win for "No". 

4.13pm: Ayrshire as a whole has voted "No" with East Ayrshire at 53% to 47%. Total votes was 84,262 - a turnout of 84.5%.

4.11pm: Edinburgh and Fife, the second and third biggest electorates, still to come. 

4.10pm: South Ayrshire joins North in voting "No", 58% to 42%. Total votes was 81,716 - a turnout of 86%.

4.08pm: Just seven electorates left. 

4.05pm: Another win for "No", this time in West Lothian. Total votes was 119,024 - a turnout of 86.1%.

4.03pm: A narrow win for "No" in North Ayrshire on 51%. Total votes was 96,173 - a turnout of 84.4%

4.01pm: Scottish Borders votes "No" at 67% to 33%. Total votes was 83,459 - a turnout of 87.4%.

3.59pm: So far "No" has 1,256,372 votes compared to "Yes" with 1,055,716.

3.54pm: Glasgow has voted "Yes" for independence at 53.5% to 46.5%. Total votes was 364,664 - a turnout of 75%.

3.52pm: A win for "No" in Perth & Kinross by 60% to 40%. Total votes cast was 104,285 - a turnout of 86.9%

3.51pm: North and South Lanarkshire are the fourth and fifth biggest electorates respectively. 

3.50pm: "No" wins in South Lanarkshire by 55% to 45%. Total votes cast was 222,790 - a turnout of 85.3%.

3.49pm: "Yes" wins in North Lanarkshire by 51% to 49%. Total votes cast was 226,883 - a turnout of 84.4%.

3.47pm: The results from the seven biggest electorates are yet to be announced. 

3.45pm: So far "Yes" has only won a majority in two electorates.

3.40pm: East Dunbartonshire also votes "No" at 61%. Total votes cast was 78,938 - a turnout of 90.9%.

3.39pm: Yet another win for "No" in East Renfrewshire on 67%. Total votes cast was 66,021 - a turnout of 90.4%.

3.38pm: Half of all electorates have now been counted. 

3.36pm: "No" wins in Aberdeen by 58% to 41%. Total votes cast was 143,664 - a turnout of 81.7%

3.35pm: Dumfries & Galloway votes "No" by 66% to 34%. Total votes cast was 106,653 - a turnout of 87.4%.

3.34pm: #ScotlandDecides is currently the top trending hashtag on Twitter.

3.30pm: "No" wins in Angus at 56%. Total votes cast was 80,302 - a turnout of 85.7%.

3.25pm: Falkirk announces a win for no on 53%. Total votes cast was 108,626 - a turnout of 88.7%.

3.23pm: Another win for "No" in East Lothian with 62% of the vote. Total turnout was 87.6% with 71,798 votes. 

3.20pm: "No" wins in Sterling at 60%. Total votes cast was 62,225 - a turnout of 90.1%

3.16pm: A win for "No" at 56% in Midlothian. Total votes cast was 60,395 - a turnout of 86.7%.

3.11pm: "Yes" wins in West Dunbartonshire with 54% of the vote. There were 62,532 voters, a 87.9% turnout.

2.55pm: The "Yes" campaign prevails in Dundee, with 57% of the vote. There were 93,592 votes in total - a voter turnout of 78.8%.

2.53pm: "No" wins in Renfrewshire with 53% of the vote. 117,612 people voted in total, an 87% turnout.

2.36pm: Inverclyde announces a win for "No" which gained 50.1% of votes. 27,329 voted "No" while 27,243 voted "Yes"and voter turn out was 87%.

2.24pm: Glasgow turnout announced as 75%. Police are investigating ten cases of suspected electoral fraud at polling booths in Glasgow. Police say any crime would be "appropriately investigated".

2.12pm: Aberdeenshire turnout is 87.2%.

2.02pm: The "No" campaign leads by 13,438 votes as the fourth result comes in from Eilean Siar (Western Isles). "No" won with 10544 votes while "Yes" gained 9195 votes. 86% of those registered voted.

1.43pm: Shetland announces a win for "No" with 9,951, while "Yes" received 5,669 votes. Voter turnout was 84%.

1.36pm: Western Isles announce turnout as 19,758 votes, which was 86.2% of those registered.

1.04pm: The second result comes from Orkney, where the "No" also won, gaining 10,004 to 4,883, or 67% to 33%. Orkney had a voter turnout of 83.7%.

12.30pm: Clackmannanshire is the first of 32 regions to declare its result, with "No" winning 19,036 votes and "Yes" 16,350. 89% of the region's population cast a vote.

The results are coming in for Scotland's referendum to decide whether the country will stay in the United Kingdom or become an independent country.

With 4.2 million people registered to vote in the referendum, the final results are expected by 6pm NZ time, after votes are flown into Edinburgh by post and helicopter from around the country.

A Yes vote would trigger 18 months of negotiations between Scottish leaders and London-based politicians on how the two countries would separate their institutions.