Any suggestion Aussie lamb is better than New Zealand lamb is 'an absolute outrage' - Ardern

Jacinda Ardern has weighed in a Australian lamb advertisement that in the spirit of trans-Tasman rivalry suggests New Zealand is doing Australia better than Australia, but suggests Aussie lamb is better than ours.

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The PM’s light-hearted comments came in response to a Meat and Livestock Australia advert. Source: 1 NEWS

Speaking to media in London, the Prime Minister said she thought the ad was "very humourous".

However she said, "any suggestion that their lamb out does us is an absolute outrage."

In the full-length version of the ad a group of government staffers are discussing how to fix Australia’s fallen image as former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s portrait is being replaced in the background.

"We used to be the greatest country on earth, but we've lost the plot. Cheating at sport, can't even hang on to a prime minister," one says in the ad.

Another says, "The only obvious solution, says another, is to entice New Zealand to merge with Australia. This would be done via the scent of barbecuing lamb and a number of cultural concessions."

Two Kiwi blokes and two Australians meet at exactly half way between the two countries, in the Tasman Sea.

One Australian government staffer says, "Best of all, you get to share our prime lamb ... and we get to share your prime minister?"