Anti-Trump rallies as they happened: Thousands of angry Americans chant 'black lives matter' outside Trump's NY home

Anti-Trump rallies were underway again this morning across America. Follow what happened here.

10.40am: Police say a Louisiana college student has acknowledged she fabricated her report that she was assaulted and robbed of her wallet and Muslim headscarf by two men, one of whom she described as wearing a white "Trump" hat.

The Lafayette Police Department said in a statement that it was no longer investigating the 18-year-old woman's claims.

Earlier today, police said the woman told investigators she was walking near the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's campus yesterday morning when she was accosted by two white men who drove up in a gray sedan.

The student had claimed the men shouted racial obscenities as they knocked her down and stole her wallet and the headscarf, known as a hijab.

10.20am: More than 200 anti-Trump protesters marched from the Union Square area to Washington Square Park in Manhattan.

Some carried signs with messages such as, "White men stop ruining everything".

They chanted, "Trump and Pence make no sense".

Meanwhile, hundreds more have gathered outside Donald Trump's home in New York, chanting, "white silence is violence".

10.10am: A Los Angeles student has written on social media that his school staged a "silent" Trump protest this morning.

"People threw bottles, trash and food at a sign (in his school)," wrote the student, who simply goes under the Twitter name @gutsnoglory.

10am: Screaming youngsters, dressed in rainbow flags and all sorts of colourful clothing, are sitting outside City Hall in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump says he will work "very rapidly" on issues like healthcare and immigration, the Associated Press has reported.

9.40am: More than 100 protesters are holding a sit-in outside Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue as the president-elect meets with Republican leaders a few blocks away on Capitol Hill, in Washington DC.

The mostly student protesters are holding signs that say #stillwithher and Love Trumps Hate, a phrase that Hillary Clinton often used during her campaign against Trump.

The demonstrators sat on the sidewalk outside Trump's new hotel, chanting "Black Lives Matter" and "Stronger Together," a slogan of Clinton's campaign.

Trump met earlier with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office near the hotel.

9.35am: Mexican students are protesting in an anti-Trump rally in Oakland, California.

Twitter user Michael Lyon has posted footage of the action, underway now.

9.30am: Two female students in traditional Muslim headscarves have reported being assaulted on or near college campuses in Louisiana and California within hours of Donald Trump's presidential victory, the Associated Press has reported.

A college student in Lafayette, Louisiana, told police that two men - one wearing a white "Trump" hat - shouted racial obscenities as they beat her and stole her wallet and headscarf, known as a hijab.

Meanwhile, authorities at San Diego State University said two suspects who assaulted a Muslim student on campus yesterday (NZ time) had targeted her because of her faith and made comments about Trump's election.

The 18-year-old student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette said she was walking near the campus yesterday morning when she was accosted by two white men who drove up in a gray sedan, Lafayette police said in a statement.

The student said the men struck her several times in the back with a metal object, knocking her down, according to police.

Police haven't identified any suspects. The student declined medical treatment.

9.25am: #CALEXIT

9.05am: High school students in San Francisco chanted "not my president" and waved rainbow and Mexican flags as they marched through the city's downtown in protest of Republican Donald Trump's presidential win.

Bystanders in the heavily Democratic city high-fived them from the sidelines.

Thousands have taken to the streets around the country since Tuesday's election.

Demonstrators have disrupted traffic, burned a giant paper-mache Trump head and declared that they refused to accept Trump's victory.

Demonstrations have been held in New England, the Midwest and the West Coast.

Trump supporters have taken to social media to express their scorn of the protests, saying demonstrators are hypocrites for not accepting the democratic process because they don't like the results.

: High school students left class to protest against Donald Trump becoming President-elect.

8.35am: San Francisco high school students have shutdown central parts of the city after staging a city-wide protest against the US presidential election results, which saw Donald Trump become President-elect.

Thousands of people across the country swapped the ballot box for the megaphone. Source: 1 NEWS

Thousands of students on bikes, scooters, skateboards and on foot are marching along the waterfront in San Francisco this morning.

Escorted by San Francisco police officers, hundreds of students took several routes across the city to converge in growing numbers at City Hall.

They then began marching done busy Market Street.

As students from other city high schools streamed out of the Muni metro subway stations, the crowd swelled, CBS San Francisco has reported.

Traffic on the busy Embarcadero grounded to a halt as the students marched toward Fisherman's Wharf.

Napa Valley students also held a morning rally.

San Jose's Mount Pleasant High students walked as did students in Castro Valley.

The Bay Area has been the scene of several demonstrations since Trump's victory was announced early Thursday morning (NZ time).

Most have been peaceful, but a demonstration in Oakland turned violent last night.

Oakland police arrested 30 protesters and cited 11 others alleged crimes including assault on an officer, vandalism, unlawful assembly, failure to disperse and firearm possession.

Three officers suffered injuring during the protest.

Police deployed tear gas several times throughout the night to keep members of the crowd from throwing rocks, bottles, fireworks, M-80s and Molotov cocktails at officers.

Yesterday's protest: Hundreds of angry protesters faced a line of police near Trump Tower in New York, a day after Donald Trump won the US election.

Jack Tame was live from the frontline in New York as tensions boiled over this afternoon. Source: 1 NEWS

Video posted on the 1 NEWS Facebook page yesterday and shot by TVNZ Breakfast presenter Jack Tame showed protesters chanting at a line of police officers.

The video then showed the protesters becoming increasingly agitated, with many of them swearing at the police officers.

Protesters chanted "not my president" as they marched towards Trump Tower.

Jack Tame gets a hug in Union Square from a woman who has had a 'very stressful past 24 hours'. Source: Breakfast

Pop icon Lady Gaga also held a one-woman protest in front of Trump Tower on Wednesday night, when it became obvious that Donald Trump was going to win the election.

The Hillary Clinton supporter held up a sign that read "Love trumps hate" while she was propped up on the side of a New York City sanitation truck.

Young students across America staged dozens of other protests against Trump becoming president, the day after his surprise presidential victory.

Demonstrations outside schools and colleges in California, Iowa, Arizona and Washington, among other states, were staged as well.